Long story short...


This life for me is an endeavour to help more individuals experience, express and align with their divinity, to live much more happy and fulfilling lives.

I'm doing this in many ways:


Giving guided meditations, sharing in-depth conversations about spirituality and health on

The Information Paradise Podcast, 

This is all part of a larger vision to help guide humanity in the direction of 

'happiness as the norm' by helping humanity to make the necessary psychological evolution.

This evolution is about striking a balance between identification with the ego, and identification with Infinity.

The destruction of the planet is inevitable if billions of humans can't help but act selfishly due to a lack of awareness of their own divinity, so I'm simply here to point it out to as many people as I can.


The rise in population means 

The communists tried creating a paradise on earth and failed due to being unenlightened - today, I'm call

Sometime is our childhood, many of us sensed that something about society wasn't quite right- that humanity need not be suffering every day.

We - me and you! - are living in a very special time in human history because of the internet.


I'm passionate about spirituality and sharing what I've learned about spirituality since my early teens.

David Reynolds

Born in Southampton, England, in the middle of the year 2000. 

Ever since I discovered spirituality in 2015, I've been fixated on changing the world for real, because I knew that everyone around me would be significantly happier if they understood what I was understanding. But my understanding wasn't deep enough to get past fear - my own fear, and other people's fear - so I couldn't get it through to them without offending literally everyone very deeply and being seen as radical. My understanding wasn't deep enough then. 

But I was too attached to how things were, and too afraid of conflict, so I never developed the guts to truly lead people out of the ignorance which causes all their suffering, so by ignoring the call, I joined the thraldom which I wanted to free people from. I stagnated and became addicted to weed, porn, and sugar.

I maintained solitude in order to hold on to my precious dream of being a truly impactful spiritual teacher to the detriment of my social life and social skills.

I found self-help at aged 14 by searching 'how to be happy' on YouTube while I was having a bad day. I found Leo Gura of Actualized.org and began to align my life with his weekly videos. A year later, he started making videos about spirituality, and I became dedicated to deepening and widening my understanding. 


The resulting affect for me at 20 is a life of deep connection with life beyond name and form. 


instead of pursuing material things, for it seemed clear to me that


The ignorance 

My life's purpose is to share spirituali

My message is a message of hope. 



Everyone is able to spiritually awaken and create their dream life situation, but most people pick up so much negative social conditioning and don't know how to remove it, that they develop low self-esteem, etc.

IP is here to provide information and support for removing negative social conditioning

so that life can be enjoyed intensely.









About enlightenment


To be enlightened means to be without obligation to serve an ego; a dense network of beliefs which maintain the survival of the body, and psychologically separates a body from the

rest of the universe. 

The ego is a deep psychological protection mechanism for the body which drives it to continually seek comfort and avoid pain. If it wasn't for the ego, you wouldn't. Once one is sufficiently aware of the ego and it's effect on them, one can be free of the fear of death which is the root of all fears. This is the cure for jealousy, grief, depression, you name it,

Although the ego can successfully keep us alive until after we've reproduced, living under the ego's control is often miserable. For those who don't know that they're under the ego's control, life often involves a great deal of pain, because the constant effort to remove pain means that it becomes a primary focus in their life, and so is

more often found than joy. 

We will delve into the origin of pain in

upcoming seminars.

Everyone is able to spiritually awaken and create their dream life situation, but most people picked up negative social conditioning when they were younger, and so have developed low self-esteem.


IP is here to provide the information and support for removing negative social conditioning

so that life can be enjoyed to the fullest.

...long story long...