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Hello, you've probably found Information Paradise because you're interested in health and spirituality.


The Core Truths

These are the core, rarely-understood truths that I began to learn at 15 which will lead to more happiness if pursued.

It Is Only Now

I've put this at the top because it's easiest to test. All of life is experienced in the present moment. The past and the future are only ever made out of thought- which occurs in the present. All of life is constant change with a constant observer. Observing the change of emotions, thoughts, perceptions, etc.

There Is Nothing We Are Not / There Is Nothing I Am Not

Whether a human suffers or not depends on what they mean by the word 'I'.

Humans have been conditioning themselves for millennia to identify as only particular parts of life, not all of life itself. 

As human societies became more and more complex, the illusion of separate self hardened, such that it didn't feel like an illusion anymore.

The root cause of suffering is identification with particular parts of life only. 


This is the root cause of suffering because any observable part of life is constantly changing. The only thing* that is constant is the observer. *It's not a thing, but language forces this concession.


  so it creates the illusion and fear of death to identify with a temporary form.


  that is bound to change form creates the illusion of death. 


I want to help you see that you are all of life itself, not any particular thing that can be observed, like the body, or the ego, or any idea of Consciousness. 


Since humans are part of the universe, the universe is every single human as well as everything else.

In other words, we aren't separate from the universe, and the universe isn't separate from us, so we are the universe. 

Since the Mona Lisa is part of Leonardo Da Vinci's creative work, the Mona Lisa is Leonardo da Vinci because it all came from his mind.


is Leonardo Da Vinci.