Declaration of Intent

The Intent of Information Paradise


Is Not:

  • To help maintain a utopian direction for the evolution of society by dissolving materialism and contributing to the evolution of collective human consciousness. This is done by providing the best information and tools for learning about the topics people need to learn about most in order to be happy. environmentalism, etc. 

  • To create the best platform we can for genuine personal and spiritual growth for individuals and societies

  • To cultivate a healthy community based on genuine love for others

  • To contribute towards changes in societal systems that steer humanity in a dystopian direction such that they promote true health and happiness  

  • To focus more on what we do want than what we don't want

  • To present the sacred unity of different religions

  • To promote any particular religion, political party, or ideology.  

  • To extract as much attention and money from people as possible by creating a platform for people to waste hours on

  • To cultivate a cult-like community, based on fear of others