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'Wanna join the team? Click here to apply.'

- David Reynolds


I'm a positive, internally-driven person who's passionate about

sharing holistic health & spirituality with others.

Wild Nature

'What you seek is seeking you'

- Rumi


I live and teach a plant based lifestyle and trust movement as medicine for the body and stillness as medicine for the mind.


My Yoga classes allow people to find space, freedom and a sense of joyful movement in the body. I deliver a fluid practice full of creativity that encourages the unity of breath and movement. I believe in yoga for all and deliver different styles for the many needs of different people but I place priority on Vinyasa and Yin/ restorative yoga.


My Meditation classes are varied in style and aim to help each individual create a deeper sense of awareness and stronger connection to their higher self and presence. Different forms of mediation can include: Visualisation - using all 5 senses to guide the meditation. Focused - Use of essential oils, candle flame and mandala beads. Spiritual - connecting with ‘I am’ presence or higher self. Movement - Mediation for when you are on the move (walking to work). Personalised - promoting positivity, anxiety management, manifesting your dreams

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