If you resonate with our vision, and think you have the skills to help us,
apply for a suitable job below and join our team.

personal assistant


The ideal candidate will be responsible for a wide range of activities which will assist this organisation's leadership. In this position, you should feel comfortable coordinating calendar appointments, managing communications, and planning events, as necessary. There are many small tasks which need to be done in order for Information Paradise to run smoothly and help more people, such as contacting potential clients and podcast guests on David's behalf. As a Personal Assistant, you'll help to grow Information Paradise by increasing productivity and connecting it to the wider world.

Key Qualifications

  • A deep love for humanity and our planet

  • Ability to perform many different small tasks

  • Able to be contacted at short notice

  • Strong people skills and good at problem-solving

  • Adaptability, flexibility, and emotional maturity 

  • Ability to adhere to a tight schedule


​​As a Personal Assistant, your tasks will include, but are not limited to: finding at least 5 suitable guests for the podcast each month and arranging meetings for them and David, and finding suitable employees and arranging meetings for them and David. You'll have regular virtual meetings with David to discuss your role and how to optimise it, as well as regular virtual meetings with David and the rest of the IP Team to brainstorm ideas for enhancing Information Paradise.

As a member of the IP Team, you'll also get a 20% discount off of all items from the IP Store.


Payment is £100 a month, to be paid on the 1st day of each month.

Blog writer


Do you have a passion for writing? Could you write posts that inform and inspire? At Information Paradise, we're looking to build a team of skilled writers to gradually build an amazing blog which helps loads of people. 


Whether you write about health, relationships, psychology, or spirituality, we'd like to hear from you- but you must align with the IP Vision.

Key Qualifications

  • Professional attitude, i.e. no bias or crude attention-grabbing tactics

  • Engaging writing style

  • Excellent spelling grammar

  • An understanding and interest in the IP Vision

  • An ability to represent IP in the appropriate way


As a Blog Writer, you'll write posts with care and precision, driven by a vision for what each one will do in the world. Your posts may be widely shared, and you'll feel great knowing that they'll be helping people around the world who you'll likely never meet.

Depending on your area of expertise, you may write about which foods to eat to get certain nutrients, Spiral Dynamics, the chakra system, law of attraction, 


You'll join the IP Team, meeting with them and David once a week over Zoom to discuss progress and ideas.

Payment is £100 / month, paid on the first day of each month.

Blog Writers are paid £100 per month. ($139)





We're building a team of people who can help us change the world by teaching meditation, holistic health, addiction-recovery, and other life-enhancing topics. Information Paradise is founded on the idea that each person can be happy and healthy- long term. They just haven't learned the right information yet.

At Information Paradise, we're inspired by a vision of what the world would look like if everybody was happy and healthy, and we actually believe in it.

Are you someone who could help us achieve this?

If so, read on!

Key Qualifications

  • A high degree of passion, knowledge and experience regarding your subject(s)

  • A proven ability to teach your subjects(s) well

  • Strong people skills

  • An ability to adhere to a schedule of customer appointments

  • A passion for helping people grow


​​Tutors get to choose their own hours, teach, book their own clients, access a personal calendar, and manage their own sessions.  

Their only commitments are to their sessions, and our weekly online team meetings on Sundays at 16:00 GMT. 

Tutors are able to keep their full time jobs  After an interview, successful applicants will begin a 4-week trial period in which they'll be treated as a member of the team and will be able to have sessions, then they'll meet with David to discuss whether they'll continue. 


There's no fixed salary- our Tutor's earning potential is unlimited.

80% of what clients pay us to book them in a given  month goes to them on the first day of the next month. So, if
 they had 10 sessions in July at 100$ an hour, they'd be paid 800$ on the 1st of August. 

Content Creator


Information Paradise (IP) is an online social platform for learning which aims to improve physical & mental health for everybody by facilitating the education of personal development, holistic health, spirituality, addiction-recovery, psychology, and many other life-enhancing topics.


We are currently comprised of an online tutor service, online store, forum, blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, and podcast. Within the next 2 years, we'll have a holistic health / meditation retreat centre, offline tutoring, and connections with schools across the UK to bring meditation to young people.

We're building a team of Content Creators to help us share helpful, inspiring, and engaging content with our growing community across all the major social platforms.


As a Content Creator, you'd have lots of creative freedom to experiment, develop your creative skills, and expand your idea of what you can do.


Your role will be designed to fit your schedule, so if you have a day job, you'd be able to keep it while making progress tasks during weekday evenings & weekends.


Weekly meetings take place via Zoom on Sundays at 4pm GMT, to discuss our progress, ideas, challenges, so that we stay aligned with our vision and build a flourishing culture.

Content Creator

Kind of things
you'll create

The kind of things you'll create will vary on your skillset and unique capabilities. For example, one member of our team is great at making guided meditation videos.


Here's a short list of the type of things you'd be expected to make:


  • Clips from the podcast & YouTube channel

  • Picture quotes for Instagram

  • Ads & promos for our new features / services


  • Examples of previous creative work, high attention to detail

  • A deep understanding of & interest in spirituality, holistic health, and psychology

  • Ability to work well in a team, relationship building

  • Optimism, open-mindedness, adaptability, and a creative spirit

  • Deep understanding of different social media platform & their audiences

  • Casual, work from home, keep day job

  • 20% off employee discount on all items in the store (50% of all profit from the store goes directly toward buying things like books, clothes, and whole food for people who need it most)



Content Creators are paid a fixed salary of £200 per month, paid on the 1st day of each month.


Opportunities will arise for Content Creators to create content which people pay for, such as exclusive content for our website and Patreon. For this exclusive content, Content Creators are paid 80% of whatever users pay to access it in a given month, making their earning potential unlimited. Payments are made on the 1st day of the next month.


In order to make sure that we only hire good fits, our recruiting process is thorough, but simple:


Meeting 1 - Initial meeting with David to discuss your experience, and to go through a detailed PowerPoint presentation of the role and how it fits into IP.


Meeting 2 - After you've met the core job requirements and seem to align well with IP, we'll have a deeper conversation about your goals, dreams, and values, so we can further assess whether Information Paradise is right for you.


4-Week Trial Period - A period of time for you to meet our team and start giving sessions. This enable you to experience working with us without any commitment. At the end of the 4-week trial, you'll meet with David to discuss your future with IP.


(Between the three meetings listed above, you'll be informed about whether we'd like to continue with you to the next interview via a 5-10 minute meeting.)